Our SBU pledge is what we say TOGETHER after each class session. This reminds us why we are here and what we plan to accomplish as a #stilettoboss.

I PLEDGE TO become a STILETTO BOSS to make a difference in people’s lives by being the SOLUTION and not the problem. 

I am here to serve first and help people in the process. 

I will give back to my community and leave a legacy I wish to be remembered for. 

I will look my fears in the face and use them to my advantage. 

I will ask for help and guidance along the journey. I will lead the way and help my sisters climb to their highest potential. 

I shall look for the possibilities and opportunities in every challenge. 

I will stay motivated by celebrating my wins as I live my passion. 

I will step out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.I will take full responsibility for my actions and commit to being my very best each day. 

I will remember the reason “why” I became a STILETTO BOSS