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Thank you for your interest Stiletto Boss University (SBU) and investing in future leaders of our community. Here are just a few ways you can get involved and help support our non-profit’s mission.

  • Make a Donation

    Make a Donation

    Your donation goes further than just helping a youth discover their true potential as a future leader –your donation will also make a REAL impact in our local community. All financial support SBU receives goes towards the efforts to invest in the lives of youth and empower them to make a difference starting right here in their community.

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  • Mentor the Next Generation

    Mentoring the Next Generation

    A powerful way for our students to learn is by firsthand experiences from women working in their local communities, running small businesses or working at large corporations. Share with our students your personal experiences through your career, tips on networking, and become a sounding board for entrepreneurial ideas our students come up with.

    Become A Mentor
  • Become a Chapter Ambassador

    Become A Chapter Ambassador

    Local Chapter Ambassadors

    Our ambassadors help bring to life SBU’s vision of awakening the courage of young women to own their value, support one another and dream without limits.

    Become a Chapter Ambassador
  • Become an HQ Instructor

    Become An HQ Instructor

    HQ Instructors

    We have opportunities for our SBU Headquarter instructors to work with student either in-person through our HQ program or online with our HQ Club membership.

    Become an HQ Instructor
  • Future School & Community Chapters  

    Become An SBU Chapter

    Future School & Community Chapters

    SBU is always looking for new schools who are interested in developing leadership skills with their high school girls and help them discover their true potential.

    Become an SBU Chapter

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