Introducing Stiletto Boss University's Vision 1000 Initiative

Launched in September 2023, Stiletto Boss University's brand-new initiative aims to impact 1000 young girls over the next three years.

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Stiletto Boss University - Vision 1000 Initiative

Increasing Our Reach

About the initiative

Stiletto Boss University was created to offer young women opportunities, build up their social capital, and to create the next generation of community leaders. The Vision 1000 initiative, launched in September 2023, aims to accelerate our reach and help 1000 young girls over the next three years.

How we plan to deliver our goal

Expanding our programming into more schools and communities, increasing collaborative partnerships, participating in youth conferences, and leveraging the sales of our upcoming new product are fantastic strategies to deliver on the Vision 1000 goal.

Here's how each of these components can contribute:

Expanding into More Schools and Communities:
  • - By reaching a broader range of schools and communities, we can identify and engage with a more diverse group of young individuals who may benefit from our program.
  • - This expansion allows us to tap into untapped potential and provide opportunities to youth who might not have had access to entrepreneurial resources before.
Collaborative Partnerships:
 - Collaborating with other organizations targeting youth amplifies our impact. These partnerships can include mentorship programs, funding opportunities, and shared resources.
 - It creates a network of support, enabling us to collectively reach more youth and enhance the effectiveness of our programs.
Participating in Youth Conferences:
- Youth conferences are excellent platforms to showcase our mission, attract potential participants, and connect with like-minded organizations and individuals.
- It allows us to disseminate our message, gain exposure, and possibly secure additional support and resources.
Sales of Upcoming New Product:
- The revenue generated from the sales of your new product can provide sustainable funding for the Vision 1000 initiative.
- These funds can be reinvested to enhance program offerings, provide scholarships, or expand the reach of the initiative.

Each of these strategies contributes to the sustainability and scalability of Vision 1000, ensuring that we can continue to empower and impact even more youth over the 3-year period.

40 Girls Impacted By Vision 1000

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Our board members play a pivotal role in our organization's success, guiding us towards a brighter future. We invite you to explore their profiles, learn about their backgrounds, and understand the wealth of experience they bring to our cause.

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