About SBU

Stiletto Boss University (SBU) is a youth training program for middle and high-school girls that uses entrepreneurship as the foundation for teaching the power of collaboration, sisterhood and community impact.

Our Story & Mission

Founded by social entrepreneur Jania Massey in 2015, SBU’s goal is to connect young women to opportunities, build up their social capital and create the next generation of community leaders. SBU helps young women build the skills and confidence needed to create a social enterprise that generates income while also giving back to the community.

Through exposure to all elements of running a business - from graphic design to finance, the young women participating in the program are able to explore their talents and discover whether they are interested in starting a business of their own or focus in on a specific business function. Regardless of their path, it has been extremely important instill in each young lady the power of collaboration and sisterhood.

In any community, people must come together and collaborate in order to solve problems and achieve their goals.

SBU currently offers four different programs: a In School Program, Community Based Program, SBU Headquarters program, and SBU Premium Club.
  • SBU Team

    SBU Team

    The SBU team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, business women, and educators who are inspired to empower the next generation of ladies in our community.

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  • Chapters


    Stiletto Boss University offers programs through local chapters, a fee-based SBU Headquarters program, and an online club membership program. SBU’s chapter partnerships are with local schools and communities in North Carolina.

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  • SBU In Action

    SBU In Action

    SBU’s program teaches young girls the foundations of business and while helping them discover their true potential.

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We’re excited the word is getting out about Stiletto Boss University and our mission for teaching the next generation of ladies the power of collaboration and the impact it has on our local community.

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