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Stiletto Boss University (SBU) is a youth training program for high-school girls that uses entrepreneurship as the foundation for teaching the power of collaboration, sisterhood and community impact.

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How your donation helps

SBU’s goal is to connect young women to opportunities, build up their social capital and create the next generation of community leaders. SBU helps young women build the skills and confidence needed to create a social enterprise that generates income while also giving back to the community.

Through exposure to all elements of running a business - from graphic design to finance, the young women participating in the program are able to explore their talents and discover whether they are interested in starting a business of their own or focus in on a specific business function. Regardless of their path, it has been extremely important to instill in each young lady the power of collaboration and sisterhood. In any community, people must come together and collaborate in order to solve problems and achieve their goals.

SBU offers programs through local schools, communities and online to students through the help of our sponsors. With the help of our sponsors and donors, we are able to continue offering these programs and open new chapters.

Your Gift

For a student participating in our SBU headquarters fee-based program, the cost is $75 a month ($675 full year).

Consider making a donation to help sponsor a student in our SBU HQ program for a full year. All financial support SBU receives goes towards the efforts to invest in the lives of youth and empower them to make a difference.

Sponsor a Student


Help sponsor a student's SBU HQ membership for a full year and empower them to make a difference.

$75/pm Donate Now


With $5,000 SBU can open a new chapter for 15 girls, which covers the cost of each participant over a 9 month period/school year. Chapter sponsorship includes the following for each student:

  • - Chapter Ambassador
  • - SBU Curriculum
  • - Program Management
  • - SBU Instructors
  • - Printing and Supplies
  • - SBU Swag (tote bag and binder)

To become a chapter sponsor or a sponsor of our annual Stiletto Challenge (youth pitch challenge), please contact us.

Chapter Sponsorship

$5000 Per school year, for 15 students

  • Chapter Ambassador
  • SBU Curriculum
  • Program Management
  • SBU Instructors
  • Printing and Supplies
  • SBU Swag (tote bag & binder)
Sponsor A Chapter

Stiletto Boss University is a 501c3 organization and our tax ID number is 82-1467018.

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