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Stiletto Boss University (SBU) is a youth training program for high-school girls that uses entrepreneurship as the foundation for teaching the power of collaboration, sisterhood and community impact.

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SBU’s goal is to connect young women to opportunities, build up their social capital and create the next generation of community leaders. SBU helps young women build the skills and confidence needed to create a social enterprise that generates income while also giving back to the community.

The Chapter Ambassador is responsible for organizing and implementing all aspects of Stiletto Boss University (SBU) program. While working primarily with the Executive Director, this position requires cooperation with all members of the staff in a team based and open communication manner, along with interaction with the board, volunteers and the non- profit community.

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SBU Mission

Uphold the SBU mission/ goal and vision

Program Execution

Execute the SBU program model with professionalism and integrity


Develop a strong relationship with partnerships and sponsors


Showcase leadership skills throughout program (SBU instructors and SBU participants)


Recruitment plan and execution of participants

Point of Contact

Point of contact for participants, parents, SBU HQ staff (including volunteers)


Promote and publicize the SBU to the community through website and social media outlets.


Implement all aspect of SBU application, interview and selection process.

Curriculum Delivery

Ensure successful delivery of the program curriculum and materials utilizing all available resources.


Verbal and written between participants/parent and/or guardian, chapter location staff


Execute all program expectations

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