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This program has been very beneficial to the youth and part of that reason, INSTRUCTORS, SPEAKERS and BUSINESS MENTORS. We have had amazing female instructors come and teach different topics about entrepreneurship over the 1st three months of the program. We have also had amazing speakers come share their story and life journey leading them to purpose and passion. We are not asking that all instructors/speakers be entrepreneurs but we are asking that all participants have passion for what they are doing. If interested, please complete the following questions and we will get back to you with next class schedule.

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  • How Can I Join?

    We are so humbled that you want to be apart of SBU program. Currently, our CHAPTERS are in certain schools but you can join our SBU HQ. You can apply by completing the application. Learn More

  • How Can I reach you?

    You can email us at info@sbumain.minkahdesign.com. Please give us at least 24hrs to respond. Thanks!

  • Where are you located?

    Our headquarters is Charlotte, NC but as of today, our office is virtual! (WIFI please). If you need to reach our, please send us a email.


  • What are the requirements?

    • Positive attitude,
    • Commitment,
    • Willing to be a team player,
    • and willing to be a leader.
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    Is Stiletto Boss University a 501C3 organization?

    • YES WE ARE!!!
    • We officially became a 501c3 organization on August 15th, 2017.
    • Our tax ID number is 82-1467018.

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Charity efforts can only go so far without funding. Every bit of financial support we receive goes towards the efforts to INVEST in the lives of youth and empower them to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Help us by providing a tax deductible financial gift.