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Stiletto Boss University believes in the Power of Collaborative Solutions, Six Principles and Effective Tools for Building Healthy Communities. The collaborative- solution approach assumes that:

  1. We will attend both to the individual and to the total environment in addressing any issue.
  2. The interactions among those participating in seeking solutions will use all available tools- networking, coordination, cooperation and especially collaboration
  3. The solutions that emerge will be culturally competent and relevant, mainly because those most affected by the issue will be engaged in the solution process and they will bring their wisdom to the process

4.  These collaborative solutions will draw on the strengths of each of the participating individuals and organizations and systems and the solutions will tap into both the formal and the informal systems.

5.  A mobilized and empowered citizenry will be central to finding collaborative solutions that work at all levels of our society

6.  Engage Spirituality as your compass for social change

Our Chapters

Who Are We?…. We Are You!

Stiletto Boss University (SBU) was established to help young ladies within their high school attendance, not only with their education but to explore and develop entrepreneur skill sets. Helping over 50 young ladies within the Charlotte, NC community, we are establishing the POWER of COLLABORATION and SISTERHOOD to work together as a team instead of competing with one another.

SBU is devoted to molding our young ladies with confidence in public speaking, learning basic business skills as well as owning their various gifts and talents. Our top priority is to teach our ladies, what it takes to create a successful business that will not only provide them with many future opportunities but also promote sustainability and unity within their community.

As we expand to reach more ladies, we are implementing more programs and even more resources for our ladies to use for daily life as well as in business! We are growing as an organization but most importantly we are growing as a FAMILY!!

For more information on how to become a student at Stiletto Boss University, please feel free to email us at info@stielttobossuniversity.com for inquiries. 

Our Models: Our chapters are operated by highly- skilled leaders to teach our young ladies the basics of entrepreneurship, owning your craft and other business skill sets. Each model is broken into two separate models, but yet dynamic ones!

The Community Based Model: The Community Based Model was implemented within the Grier Heights Community in partnership with Crossroads Corporation. Our goal is to create one business that will promote sustainability and unity within the community.

In School Partnership: Our In-School Partnership provides, not only a school learning environment but a business environment. Our models will assist our young ladies with pitching development to showcase their business ideas in our Stiletto Showcase; with the potential result of a PRIZED internship opportunity!

Program Models & Phases


During this first phase of the program, the participants will engage in curriculum to education them about entrepreneurship. The sessions are on topics such as finance, marketing, networking, dress for success…. just to name a few.


As we enter the next phase of the program, the participants will be applying the entrepreneur practices taught in Phase 1 of the program.


During the last phase of the program, the participants will be executing their business skills and showcasing products. This phase will result in a community business or Stiletto Showcase (pitch competition for in school program.)

Chapters & HQ


During this first phase of the program, the participants will engage in curriculum to education them about entrepreneurship. The sessions are on topics such as finance, marketing, networking, dress for success…. just to name a few.

Brandi Fox
West Charlotte High School / Mooresville High School
Savannah Johnson
2018-2019 Bulldogs Matter &
After-School Program / Alexander Graham Middle School
Eboni Frazier
Harding University High School
Shana Price
Grier Heights / The Harvest Center

Want to become a Chapter Ambassador? 
Please email us at info@stilettobossuniversity.orgSubject Line: Chapter Ambassador or Complete our Inquiry form here.


SBU Headquarters is our fee based program teaching entrepreneurship to ages 11-18. This program will take a deeper dive into business and social impact enterprises. SBU Headquarters includes two monthly meetings, SBU instructors, curriculum, virtual membership (exclusive SBU apparel and events) and much more.

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