In 2016, a dozen or so girls from Charlotte, NC, were asked to apply and join a program named "Stiletto Boss University." This program met one to two times every week in Grier Heights, a low-income neighborhood in Charlotte. This program's purpose is to teach high school girls the foundations of business and also help these girls discover their true potential. From there, the number of participants filed down from 15 to 12 to 8. By the time our program had decreased to eight girls, we were ready to create our own business from our newfound knowledge. Here, is where we decided to name our business "Ei8ht," as we had become eight sisters determined to make a difference. Currently, we are staffed by 5 but still hold our name mighty and true because of all of the work the 8 girls originally put into this business.

How do we intend to make a difference, you may ask? Well, that's where you come in. Our business is an inspirational product line and will use part of the proceeds, that you contribute in your purchase, to go back into the Grier Heights community. These funds will go into specific programs within the Grier Heights community center that foster the youth and adults of this neighborhood and will go to other major needs of the community.

  • We crave change and are asking for your help to do so!
  • Encouraging sisterhood
  • Inspiring & motivating
  • Giving opportunity
  • Helping create unity
  • To make a difference

You can check out our products at www.ei8htgroup.com

"Everything about the program is fantastic, the relationship building, meeting other entrepreneurs.

Bronwyn, 18

Admin Manager

"I like the program because of the experience to learn new things in business as well as the relationships we build."

Savannah, 15

Finance Manager

"I enjoy everything about the program from the food, to the relationship with the girls, community building and meeting with other entrepreneurs."

Den'ejja, 18

Marketing Manager

"I think it is super cool to come into an environment and exposure, becoming more aware of self, become more mindful of things going on outside of my reality, learning things now that is helpful for the future, become diverse and becoming friends with people I wouldn’t normally be around."

Cameron, 17

Graphic Designer

"I am very grateful for this program and how it has prepared me for my future goals of owning my own bakery"

Aja, 17

Legal Manager